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Build an expert team, not a team of experts


Build organisational knowledge over time
Create winning teams


Data Driven Insights

Performance analytics at organisational, team and individual levels.

Team Performance

Empower teams to communicate efficiently and productively, banishing conflictual and frustrating meetings. Learn how to build your highest performing team.

Talent Development

Identify talent development areas objectively and with greater accuracy, create internal assessment processes saving time and money and make confident data-driven decisions for hiring.

 Get ahead. The future of the workplace.

WinningMinds’ insights give organisations a competitive edge by igniting team collaboration and improving operational productivity.


 “AI productivity and focus on employee experience will drive technology investments in the year ahead.”

Bersin by Deloitte, 2019


Choose the right level for you

Professional Enterprise
Real time dashboards & visualisations
No. of people & time allocated in meetings
Inclusion level, distribution between male & female speakers
Benchmark patterns and trends over time
Drivers of meeting effectiveness
Patterns of team collective intelligence
Behaviours that drive team meeting performance
Team dynamics & quality of interactions
Downloadable reports including
% of meetings that are achieving goals
Emotional & social intelligence indicators
Quality of interactions
Search Index
Keywords used most frequently in meetings
Topics; what people are talking about
Logs of organisational tacit knowledge
Risk mitigation strategies & solutions discussed
Problems and solutions discussions

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